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Kyle Rakestraw
Creator of the Cello Fast Track Program

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Get Cello Lessons on Video, ebook and Computer

Learn how to play the cello with videos from professional cellist Andrew Dunn. The Cello Fast Track program will give you what you need to start playing the cello right away.

The Cello Fast Track program is your complete video package, eBook and computer-aided learning program to teach you how to play the cello.

Welcome to, the exclusive site of the Cello Fast Track program. The Cello Fast Track program includes an eBook to teach you what you need to know, a computer application to help reinforce the basics, and videos that show you exactly how to play.

This program is for total beginners, intermediate students, even for people who have never played any instrument before. Learn the cello and read music all in one place!

Don’t have any musical experience?
No problem. The program shows you exactly how to read music and play with others.
Don’t think you can learn the cello?
You can, as many others have. Now you can have a program with cello lessons that shows you how easy it is to learn to play the cello. It doesn’t really take a lot to get started. The videos are simple and easy to follow. Let Andrew Dunn show you how to produce a beautiful sound on the cello.

About Andrew Dunn: Andrew has performed on four continents and collaborated with andrewinternational composers. He excels in all musical styles from classical to jazz. Andrew has held (and holds) several principal and assistant principal positions in symphonies throughout the U.S. Andrew is also an avid teacher of the cello. He enjoys bringing a modern teaching approach to all who desire to learn the cello. After performing in televised productions, he now provides video instruction for the Cello Fast Track program.

 About the Cello Fast Track program:
The program was created by author and cellist Kyle Rakestraw, who found that the traditional approach to teaching cello lacked many of the modern learning tools widely available for other instruments, such as guitar and piano.

He developed the program to accelerate learning on the cello using videos kyle2-image,computer programs, an eBook and fun interactive learning. As he says “For years I have wanted to bring the joy of the cello to others by removing the confusion about what it takes to learn to play this beautiful instrument. He developed the cello fast track program as a way to show others that the cello is an instrument for all that desire to play.

kyle-msg-cover Kyle teamed up with other musicians, Internet specialists, programmers, and music industry professionals to design the tools, computer application, and eBook that would enable others to learn about the cello, read music, and start playing. The program does not contain unnecessary extended information on music theory or outdated practice techniques. Instead, it gives you want you need to start your musical journey on the cello today!

The methods and learning tools are easy to understand and were designed to help anyone start playing. This includes those who don’t know how to read music and those that have never played in a musical group or orchestra. All you have to do is install the computer program and follow the easy step-by-step instructions. The computer program gives you access to exclusive videos that guide you in the learning process.

The included eBook features modern practicing methods, clear illustrations, charts, and valuable information on purchasing a cello. Find great deals on cellos and easily tell the difference between a high- and low-quality cello. This information alone can easily save most people hundreds of dollars. Whether your goal is to learn to play the cello for family and friends, for a local group, at church or place of worship, or in an orchestra, The Cello Fast Track program is what you need.

It is never too early, nor too late, to start learning the cello.The saying goes, cellosally“Everyone loves the cello,” so start spreading the Love! If you have the desire to play, then don’t let doubts stop you. Pursue your desire and start learning today. The cello is one of the most sought-after instruments in many different styles of music today. If you enjoy listening to the cello, then actually playing the cello is going to bring new enjoyment into your life.

Some of the most common misunderstandings about the cello are that you must learn it from an early age to be able to play, or that you must come from a musical background/family to be able to play. You can actually start learning to play the cello immediately without overspending on expensive recurring lessons or an overpriced instrument.

cellofholeThe Cello Fast Track program includes sheet music composed specifically for the cello, scales to help you play in multiple musical keys, and an interactive computer application that helps you learn the notes on the cello faster than ever! You will learn cello positions 1, 2, 3, and 4 with backward and forward extensions, giving you access to a wide range of music to play. “Scales partner” tracks are included to help you fine-tune your playing and to help you play in tune quickly.

You will discover the power of muscle memory. Your brain is not the only part of your body that has memory; your fingers will remember too! As you learn to read music, you will find that cello music is actually fun to read. Notes will become easy to understand, just as letters of the alphabet did. Learning to read cello music is easy, and reading will enable you to play in many different musical styles, including classical, jazz and pop.

Let’s take a look at the system:

The Cello Fast Track Program:
Start learning right on your computer from the comfort of your own home. The eBook prints to your printer to read wherever you are. You can start learning immediately and learn in easy, simple steps.

Video library:cellovideos
Your one-time purchase includes exclusive videos. These cello videos were created specifically for the program and show you exactly how to play the included music. The computer application includes a video player that displays the videos right on your computer.
Individual lessons include the following: proper bowing for creating a rich, lush sound, how to play the sheet music included in the program, playing in tune, vibrato, finger notes placement, hand shifting, and more!

The interactive computer application:
This computer application runs on both PC and MAC and celloapppicshelps you easily access all the features of the program. This one-of-a-kind cello app will help you understand how to read music for the cello. It also gives you access to the video library and contains interactive learning aids. The built-in interactive exercises help you quickly learn the notes on the cello.

The eBook:
ebookpagesThe eBook will guide you as you learn. It contains valuable information about the cello, illustrations, step-by-step instructions, and useful practicing techniques. It also teaches you the three-step method that cellists use to learn new music. The three-step method breaks down the leaning process into simple steps, removing confusion for beginners.

Cello sheet music: cellosheetmusic
Your purchase includes cello sheet music specifically designed for the program. You will find original cello exercises, familiar tunes, musical scales, and more. Most cello teachers require you to buy your sheet music separately. Your sheet music is included with your purchase at no extra charge and prints directly to your printer.

Piano accompaniment tracks:
These audio tracks play from your computer and will simulate piano accompaniment so you can learn to play with other musicians. The recordings were created to be played with your included sheet music.cellodisc

Scale partner tracks:
Scale partners will help you fine-tune your playing and teach you to play in different musical keys. These tracks contain simple piano and guitar recordings for you to accompany when playing musical scales. Playing scales has never been so much fun!

Cello Fast Track membership:cellomember-card
With your purchase you get free updates to the Fast Track program. As new versions and features for the program come out, you get the newest downloaded for free. Just email us, and you will have access to the latest versions at no charge.


Playing the cello was something that I have always wanted to do but thought was out of my league until I installed the program on my computer. The Cello Fast Tract program is a comprehensive, clearly written program that provides all the essential instructions.
Cynthia Johnson


By combining text, video demonstration, and interactive tools, the Cello Fast Track Program fosters learning of and about the cello in easily understandable ways. Music educators will also find great tools, especially the video clips, to enliven teaching about the instrument. The program is practical, informative, and interactive—a worthwhile tool for all ages of individuals who have an interest in the cello, whether as a hobby or a serious pursuit.

Dr. Kevin D. Washburn, Ed.D.
Author, The Architecture of Learning: Designing Instruction for the Learning Brain

NoPicMember Hi Kyle,
I purchased the Fast Track program in March. It’s been a great way to get introduced to the cello. I’m totally hooked. The piano accompaniments have helped me learn so much. You’ve designed a really effective program..  I was skeptical and didn’t know if a latecomer (I’m 58) could learn the cello. I’ve always wanted to play…..Now I can’t get enough.

Deb Shell


chrisThank you for making the Cello Fast Track program. Once I installed the program, I realized that there is nothing else like it for learning the cello.  The cello buying section of the ebook alone can save anyone hundreds of dollars or more. Even better, I was simply amazed at how someone like me with no musical background was able to follow the instructions and create a beautiful tone on the cello on my first day!

Chris Meyer

I guarantee that, when it comes to learning the cello, you can’t find a value like this anywhere else. Don’t just think and dream about playing this beautiful instrument, start learning today.
It’s all here—all the information that you need to start is in this program. If you consider taking your first lessons anywhere else, then be sure to compare them to what you get here. With the Cello Fast Track program you get:

  • Video instructions from one of the most talented professional cellists
  • The cello eBook with step-by-step instructions and cello buying guide
  • A teaching system for learning to read music
  • Printable cello sheet music
  • A computer program to help you learn cello using fun exercises
  • Play-along music
  • Free downloadable upgrades when new materials come out
  • And a 30-day money-back guarantee

There is nothing like the satisfaction and enjoyment of playing the cello yourself. Don’t let your desire for the cello go unanswered; you can start learning right now.
Don’t know where to start? It’s easy. Purchase the program and start your musical journey to become a cellist at your own pace.

Purchase the entire program today for a limited-time price of only $49.99
using our 100% secure order form.




   The Cello Fast Track Program

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